Twitter’s new layout is here.

And it is beautiful!

It has certain elements to it that definitely makes you think of Facebook’s profile layout. However, we think it’s much cleaner and maintains that Twitter magic to it. Have a look below.

twitter new layout

Playstation VR Headset. Launching Soon.

vr headset


Get ready for the next level of gaming. Sony is getting ready to announce their long awaiting Playstation VR Headset, with a planned unveiling at GDC next month.

vr headset playstation

Sony has been pretty tight-lipped up to now, but analysts estimate the price point will be between $100 – $200 dollars, beating out the current market leader (Oculus Rift) in price by $100. Considering this VR headset can replace your HD television ($1000+), the price may be a steal (depending on whether or not you use your television primarily for gaming).

If these rumors are true, Sony will definitely continue their winning streak (already selling double the units Xbox One did last month) and having their big launch in Japan just yesterday. The Playstation 4 is seeing so much demand, Sony estimates a console shortage for another three months.

Forbes hacked.



Forbes was just a target of a large-scale cyber attack. We have just received the following email:

“Recently, was targeted in a digital attack. Our publishing platform was compromised and email addresses for registered members have been exposed. (Forbes subscribers should note that no credit card information or subscription details were revealed.) We have notified law enforcement and are taking the matter very seriously. 

Your password was encrypted in our database, but if you used the same password on other Web sites or accounts, we strongly suggest you change them.

We have currently disabled log-in functionality on and invalidated all passwords. During this time, you will not be able to access your account or add your comments to the site. We will send you a follow-up email when log-in is reopened with simple instructions on how you can reset your password to a different one.

Meanwhile, we urge you to be cautious about interacting with email, especially from senders that are unknown to you, as the list of email addresses may be used in phishing attacks or scams.

All of us at Forbes respect your privacy and apologize to you and all of the members of our community for this breach.


Mike Perlis
Chief Executive Officer”

It appears that hackers are relentlessly targeting various online publications and services. It’s difficult to say what the exact motives of recent hackings at companies like Forbes and Kickstarter are – but it is definitely a good lesson to keep your password frequently updated and never use a common password on more than one website or app.



Kickstarter Hacked.


Kickstarter’s CEO, Yancey Strickler today announced on a blog post that the biggest crowdfunding website was recently hacked.

He mentions that no user credit card information was compromised, however user login credentials may have been jeopardized.

It is advised that you update your Kickstarter profile information as soon as possible.

The Post Reads:

“Accessed information included usernames, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and encrypted passwords,” he wrote. “Actual passwords were not revealed, however it is possible for a malicious person with enough computing power to guess and crack an encrypted password, particularly a weak or obvious one.”

All Hail Grand Wizard Cartman!

We just received a 13 minutes GAMEPLAY videos of the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth.

And we simply cannot wait to join the fight for the universe shattering relic – “the stick”.

Get ready for the NEW Twitter

Twitter is testing out its new layout. Have a look at one of the first pages to change to the new layout.

To us, it seems Twitter is taking a few layout cues from Facebook, in terms of profile image, header image and menus – moving to a more “squarish” look.


Cleaner, more modern & professional.


Away from the “casual” feel we have all grown to since the launch of Twitter.

Flappy Bird – The next “Bird” craze. (Update FEB 8, 2014) (Update FEB 9,2014)

flappy bird


To all frustrated Flappy fans – you can now take your frustration out with Squishy Bird


Flappy Bird has officially been removed from the app. store by its creator.



Dong Nguyen, the maker of Flappy Bird just announced that he will be taking down the game within the next day, due to unwanted attention.

If you still don’t have lil ol’ Flappy on your phone…you better get it soon.

Original Article

Is the world now convinced we have a strange obsession with birds…

First Angry Birds, now Flappy Bird. But what makes Flappy Bird so special? Well simple – It’s addicting as all hell. Humans like are drawn to things that grab and keep our attention for one reason or another.

However, this little flapping bird, became famous for not all of the fun it was causing, but the mass frustration felt by players. With tweets and youtube videos demonstrating pure rage when playing.

The objective of the game is simple, tap to keep “flapping” and avoid dangerous object. However, as most of you already know, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

flapy bird tech news

Don’t worry Flappy, our tapping will save you!





Your Next Car…Running on Water and Air (For Sale in 2015)

toyota hdrogen car


Toyota today announced [at CES in Las Vegas] their plans to begin manufacturing a new vehicle, fueled by water and air.

According to a Toyota spokesman, the vehicle uses the hydrogen and air combination, to create electricity and power its fuel cell powered engine.

No Gas.

No Plugging in.

Just refill the water tank after every 310 Miles.

Can we get a “HECK YEAH!”.

These types of moves and investments is what put Toyota on top, and is keeping them there.

Blockes – learn, inform and express in a cool new way

Life is a pleasure, provided it is fuelled by passions. If you believe in the philosophy, and are up for the latest cyber network promising to connect you with your interests, hobbies and passions, blockes is for YOU! With a completely new and unique style, blockes has what it takes to be a part of your social unwinding every day.

Once you log in to Blockes, you have the world of blocks for you to explore. Here, we explain you how to get going with participating in the community, and building up pieces in blocks. Click on the block that excites you, and you’ll be taken to its page, with all the posts and stuff contributed to the block by members. Let’s for example, take the “songs discovered” block.


Here is how the screen will look when you enter it. If you wish to add a piece in this interest block, click on the “Add a Piece” button, and you’ll see the box as shown in the middle of the image.


Let us assume that you want to share a cool song video in the “Songs Discovered” block. Just mention the title of the piece, and select the category (from post, video, or slider). Since this is a video piece, the third field in the box says URL. Just copy the video URL here and you are good to go. Here’s how it will look.


These pieces keep on stacking on top of each other, and hence smoothly add up to the pool of information.

The Block Box is another cool feature that will let you make the most of your experience at blockes. This feature makes it super convenient for you to add blocks that interest you, so that you do not have to search for them every time you wish to soak yourself in the new updates made to those blocks. Let us take the Songs Discovered block again to explain how blocks are added to the block box.


Once you are in the block that you want to include in your collection of blocks, look at the small small button to the right of the name of the block at the top. Click on this button to add the block to your black box. Once the desired blocks are added to your block box, all you’ve got to do is to enter your block box.

Soon, you will find yourself returning to blockes for the daily dose of your passions and hobbies.